Saturday, April 5, 2008

We have survived it..

The first year has come to an end.. And somehow, we have managed to get to the other side of it.. Looking back, the first year was definitely unforgettable.. The maniacal quizzes, the tempo shouts, the *CPs, the WAC runs and the umpteen night-outs.. It all happened so fast that we hardly got the time to sit back and think about it.. And now as we stand at the doors of tuchchadom, we might as well take a break and sift through our memories and carry them with us as we move along..

WIMWI का tempo high है... बाकी सबकी ले ली zig-zag zig-zag :P

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Another one bites the dust.

Well, with summers out of the way, and people knowing each other better, I thought that I'd post something here.

Dbab makes more sense, though blogging is much cooler. Let us now see who makes the next move.

And yeah, congrats for the summer placements everyone :)

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Things r better now, but ain't not tht better...probably will have to wait 4 sum more time....WIMWI is busy with inter section games tournament though....n life trickles on...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Saturday, July 28, 2007


I am not sure how many of us actually remember that this thing collab blog was started. and one can't really blame anyone for the same. The first 5 weeks here at WIMWI have been so gruelling, it hardlly leaves any time for activities like blogging. The fact that last post here was on June 19, the day before our term started, is am ample testimony to the fact. But I am sure ppl will get back to their old ways, once they get used to WIMWI. At worst, we might have to wait till our tuchchadom. Till then, just hang on...

P.S.: Arbit CP disclaimers...:D

Saturday, June 16, 2007

lull before the storm........

I am sitting in my Dorm room @iim-a, trying to write my first ever blog ...never in my life i thought i would be doing this....right now it feels as if i am in a discotheque with loud music going on, thanks to my second year senior, oops the so called great tuccha here at iim-a...i really dont know why he is in such a great mood, and that too at 1 am in the morning..maybe he has just broken off with his gf or mayb becoz there are no assignments to do for tomorrow's classes...i cant understand why the hell a person has to listen to loud music and make everyone else listen to it....i guess thats the way everything works out here in hostels(dorms) where i have never been...

I m not going to discuss about my preparation for cat and Gd-Pi experiences and all that blah blah...I feel most of the bloggers do it and tell how great they were to crack CAT and the GD-Pi and according to me it makes the blog a bit boring and pompous....getting back to the point, my course for IIM-A PGP-1 is going to start from 21st june but i am one of the few lucky ones who had an oppourtunity to join the initial preparatory course which started from 28th may....Well, its been more than 15 days since i am here in Ahmedabad and at the hallowed campus of iim-a ...the city of Ahmedabad is hott and i mean it ...its hotter than bombay from were i come but i guess i will get used to it..other than this Ahmedabad feels like a small town in comparison to aamchi mumbai..Ok back to the prep course....

prep course: A training period of 20 dayz where they teach a collection of engineers from different parts of the country to calculate limits,probability,integration and derivatives...haha..i forgot about grammer wherein all of us had to learn articles,tenses and all the stuff that a person with an IQ of 10 wud do it happily...My time here at the prep course has been rocking till now..m njoing every single moment here...made so many freinds attended a zillion bday parties and treats and of course played cricket almost everyday.....

THE TUCCHA GYAAN-it was just 5-6 days back that all the tucchas or shud i say GODS at iima, started to return back from their respective summer internships....It was a saturday evening and i was in my room at the penthouse(apun ka dorm-5) listening to coldplay when someone knocked on my was GOD himself who had shown up at my door...a tuccha who had just returned from germany that afternoon after completing his summers....intro happened and i was really surprised when he said "yaar teko mein aaj treat deta hu....tu pehla faccha(1st year bakra) hai jise mein mila hu"...i guess he must have been fed up eating sausages in germany for 2 months and wanted to eat good indian food...well i obliged by gods' command and i found myself at some filmi restaurant in Ahmedabad....As i began to talk and ask for some gyaan from the allmighty regarding life at iim-a , i was soon overloaded with information and soon felt a headache...

The 10 commandments that i was loaded with are as follows:
1.never ask da tuccha wat was his cgpa...which i did
2.never look at any tucchi however beautiful she might be..if u do so u might find her tuccha bf's in ur room...hehe on time for ur lectures ..1 second late means that u r 2 early for the next class....
4.never ever bring any cell fones in ur class...if it rings u will get a F (its a F grade and not F***)5.playing sports,watchin movies is a dream once the course begins ...only entertainment is eating
6.u will have to skip lunches for there will be surprise quizes at 2:30 in da afternoon and ur classes get over at 1:15... time passes u will like surprise is a level playin feild.."jab apni lagti hai toh sab logo kii lagti hai" ready to sleep at 5am and get up at 8am in the morning for ur next day's class....
9.sunday's bring a hope for a free day...ofcourse this is not true for 99% of the times
10.and most importantly: "MUGGON FACCHON MUGGON"

after all the gyaan i got it feels that as the prep course draws to a close, it is just the beginning of the end..its a silence before the storm..i guess thats all i have to say in my 1st blog...guess wat its 2:30 am and i m not going to sleep...class ka public are playin badminton ....and i m goin there....


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Humor of the day...

We are having these corporate presentation classes these days, wherein a group presents on a corporate house for 12mins, followed by feedback on the performance by the class and the instructor…
This Group had a presentation yesterday: Good, well covered, but too much emphasis on history, wherein the slide and info was repeated quite a few times…
The feedback session was going on with full sincerity n seriousness where in came a one-liner from Sirpy@Chimp…great timing dude...

Instructor: Guys, You overshot your time and had a number of repetitions…couple of points in the History of the company were repeated and were redundant…
Chimp(with his typical accent): Ma'am, “History repeats itself!!”


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

In pursuit of The One

It wasn't his day. Night, rather. Or day actually, since the day here begins at 12 am, literally.

He'd been identified long back as 'The ONE'. The one who'd be stared at even as he'd drip wisdom with his every word. The one who'd never be taken seriously, for geniuses never are. The one who'd be laughed at simply coz he was above the lesser mortals...The one who's innocence would be his undoing as he'd be hunted down by a pack of nasty kids-on-the-block...his fellow 'preppies' it seems. The One.

It all began with a harmless b'day celebration. Jeetish Bansod. The guy who's secret desire was to sing 'Yeh mera Dil...' for Helen. We made sure it got fulfilled. (Didn't someone tell you we're angels?) The b'day boy did have quite the time of his life. We ensured that the Ponds face wash tube he'd secretly purchased at Himalaya Mall would get completely used up. In fact, we ensured that the face wash tubes of all alike would be empty the next day. The taps were barely spared. But the buckets were put to good use.

(Adv: Whoever said cake was only for eating?! Come to us. Play Holi of a different kind. In sweltering June. Fee: One kg Blackforest cake and a bucketful of cold water. Guaranteed returns.)

Of course, there was one who was quick enough to flee before his face was decorated. One who thought he'd be spared. The One.

It didn't take long for the rest to figure out. You can't miss the one who everyone wants to get back at. (Don't ask for what. That is bound to remain a mystery for life. Too bad for him)

Within moments of the realisation dawning, people collectively resolved, wiped off the cream that clung lazily to their noses n chins and crept up D13 - his abode. He wasn't there. Smart fellow. Knew people would come seeking him. Full plans of absconding. If only the others wouldn't be smarter...

Something had to be done. Reliable sources revealed that he was to visit the chimp's room in some time to watch a movie. People stealthily moved to the new campus. Ok, laughing n sneering n hooting is not exactly 'stealthily'. Yet.

But what if he'd know? There was no way of verifying.

And then, the inevitable happened. The One walked into the trap himself. One of the comrades had his precious possession which he had to retrieve - his hard disk drive. She put on her most innocent tone, convinced him that she didn't know what was on, and was in fact taking a walk at the LKP. Quite believable. Especially the last part. At any time of the day. Or night.

They decided to meet near the underpass so that she'd pass on what was anyway his. And probably join them for the Telugu movie. Quite unbelievable. At any time of the day. Or night. He should've known.

And then he committed a second error. Called a second comrade to invite her for the movie. She very wittingly said that she was with the first comrade anyway and would see him at the underpass. The trap was laid. No bait was needed. He was walking into it himself. Literally.

The underpass, at an unearthly hour, saw excited movement. About 8-10 odd people, armed with remnants of the cake, now waited behind the bushes, poised for an attack fit for a battle. It was war time.

He walked. With one ear glued to the cell phone. Eyes glued to the approaching comrades. Would've been too risky to let him walk by himself. They virtually escorted him. Lucky chap.

He'd just taken a shower. Scrubbed himself squeaky clean. Even better.

Then it all happened. In a blinding flash of activity. Junta screamed n pounced. He screamed n ducked. Too late. In a matter of moments it was all over. What was left was his inimitable expression, and the greasy, sugary cream that clung to every inch of his face. Silence erupting into triumphant laughter. Slaps on the back. Pics. Gleaming, mocking faces.

The ambush was succesful. All would sleep in peace. All, but one. The One.

It's not just cricket where they take his case. Maybe it just wasn't his day.

Actually, it never is.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Dream, or something like it...

In a lost time, in a lost world, Chaos happened. I was there. Under the influence of vodka, cigarettes, and free food, I thought that spending two years at this chaotic place would be nice. Delusions of grandeur, though not misplaced, gave my ascetic mind a want, something to look forward to...

But then, life happened and everything was forgotten. Suddenly, after a year and a half, I look back and wonder whether it was due to my subconscious want that I am now standing on the doorstep of these so-called hallowed portals.

Anyway, it feels wonderful right now. Being a part of the best surely does give me a high. And I can already feel the manager inside me, as I notice the blatant self-publicity in my blog link.


Monday, June 4, 2007

On being an WIMWIan

So finally I have made it to my dream institute!!!! Honestly, I never thought (I only dreamt) that I could make it to WIMWI. However, once I got a GD PI call, I was more confident about my chances. And here I am today writing in IIM A 2007-09 batch blog and waiting for 21st June when I embark on one of the most elusive journeys in business and management.

How does it feel??? The feeling is obviously top of the world… Also comes the feeling “Will I be able to cope with the rigor for 2 years?” But when 250 people will get screwed together who cares yaar :-) The best part, however, is that you already feel the part of the IIM A community…. The yahoo group with 60-70 mails each day (must confess I have not read all of them), The orkut community, The welcome brochure sent by SAC, The party thrown by the mighty tucchas and the formal meet. The preppies are already there giving us updates about what to expect. All have contributed to the sense of belonging to the red corridors. Everyone wants to help you and has something to tell you. Just looking forward to experience what all of them have experienced!!!!

It also feels great that I have given my parents, sister and friends something to be proud of. If someone is more happy than me that’s my mom. Having not finished her formal education, it’s a matter of great pride for her that her son gets into one of the best institutes in the country. However, there are this uncles and aunties who come and tell me “ Arey yaar ab to lottery lag gayee teri, 2 saal ke baad to ab kuch nahi” They talk as if some names were pot in a box and winner was picked up. When you give CAT multiple times, when you gather information for GD PI, money is not the one and only motivation. You also want to just be there because its IIM A. Anyways this flipside is easily overshadowed by the other great feelings.

Having met Mumbaites and Puneites from my batch, I can already imagine what kind of friends I will make at WIMWI… Just looking forward to be there…

Ahmedabad here we come!!!!!!